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* To include: Ramp, sealed rubber floor with drainers, bulkhead wall with door, insulated ceiling, lights and coverings, partitions, adjustable tie rings, kick boards, wall coverings, windows, 5ft back gates and two roof vents
Number of horses * Approximately 36" per horse
Side ramp and back infill £1000
Skin box body in aluminium * Not needed on new build
Skirt locker with gas strut * 48" x 22" x 17"

* Includes double glass bottle carrier, battery access door and rub rails
Saddle cupboard * Choosing 'saddle + tack cupboard' removes option for 'Double door saddle locker'
Step-in double rail robe with full door * 24" x 24" approximately £650
Double door saddle locker * For up to 8 saddles £1750
Roof hay rack * 8' x 8' approximately £1075
Tip-cab * Integral: Cut through into back of cab, lined

* Luton: 2 windows or skylight + lined walls, lights, mattress + ladders
Raised living floor * Under-floor storage with 4x doors on gas rams £2650
Double bunk above shower/lobby £1895
Extra bulkhead and door £950
Bonded glass inline £1600
Slide-out seating area £7500
Sun roof * Regular: 500mm x 500mm approximately

* Large: 500mm x 1000mm approximately

* Both come with fly screen + shade
Toilet cubicle * Without extras: 26" x 44" portaloo with sliding window

* With separate glass quadrant: 4' x 4' cubicle with 700mm x 700mm shower
Wheel trims POA
Fold away step
Rear lights

Horse Area

Description Options Sizes/Comments
Rug rack * Made to measure, above horses' hind quarters

* 2.5m long approximately
Ceiling fan £???
Roof vents


Description Options Sizes/Comments
12v Control unit switches + RCD protection £475
Water system * 35 gallon tank, pump + plumbing

* Outside tap and horsewash
Gas heating + water * 11.5 litre storage £???
Waste water tank £760
Solar panel * 150w, 8 amp trickle charge, 2 x 110ah batteries £665
Split charge * Two leisure batteries, charged from vehicle alternator £545
Mains battery charger * Charges batteries when 240v is used £475
Reverse and horse camera * Auto-switches to reverse £575
Loading light £95
Outside light * Above door £95
240v hook-up * Two double sockets, run-through circuit breaker board to waterproof external plug (including hook-up to fridge) £495
Inverter * Inverter for laptop, TV, phone charger etc.
High-level side marker lights (opposite-side, near-side) £365
Battery isolater
TV aerial + booster £235
Satelite TV receiver POA

Living Area

Description Options Sizes/Comments
Flooring * Amtico style, wood effect planks and pinstripes

* 8' x 10' average size living area
Seats * With storage (outside access door) £755
Cab seats * Upholstered to match living £365
Wall coverings £1075
Mirror * 600mm x 900mm £95


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